Ten practical tips to reach 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest with under 1,500 followers


In this article, I will show you 10 effective tips that I tried to reach 1,000,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest (for the second time.)

Actually one of my Pinterest accounts has 1,486 followers as of March 10, 2020. I have far fewer followers than other big names, but it is possible to get more viewers like them.

So, are you ready to get more viewers on Pinterest? Let’s get started!

Ten practical tips to reach 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest with under 1,500 followers

First of all, there is no shortcut or tips that sound too good to be true! However, I am sure that the tips I show you definitely help you increase monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Pin every day (preferably from a smartphone app)


The most effective way to increase monthly viewers on Pinterest is to pin every day.

Personally, I think that pinning every day is the most important thing.

When you are busy, it is convenient to post in advance with a scheduler such as Tailwind. Nevertheless, it is important to log in every day for at least 5 minutes so that you can repin your favorite pins and follow the users who have a related niche with your account.

▼ By using Pinterest as a user, you have the following advantages below.

  • Find pins and boards that could be used as references from the user’s perspective
  • You can quickly notice changes and impacts from Pinterest system updates

Smartphone Pinterest app updates almost every week. I recommended that you log in Pinterest with the smartphone app if possible.

Make a vertical pin

The recommended Pinterest pin size is 1500 x 1000 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 3: 2. Pins that are too long vertically will be displayed with their top and bottom cut off.

Quick tips: Sizing images for your Pins

At first, I mainly made horizontal pins. However, the horizontally long pins seemed to be much smaller than the vertically long pins. What more, I sometimes couldn’t catch texts on horizontally long pins. Thus I decided to make a vertical pin for Pinterest and it worked!

Horizontal pins appear much smaller than vertical pins

Even now I sometimes save horizontally long pins, but vertically long pins get more repins than horizontal ones.

Fill out the pin title and description with keywords

If you want to increase the number of monthly viewers of Pinterest, it is also important to write the pin title and description with keywords.

To make it easier for someone to find your pin, you should add as much information as possible to the pin.

After all, I think that pins with proper title and description are easier to show up compared to pins that do not.

Of course, don’t forget the board title and description, the business name of the profile and the About profile!

Make it easier to save images from your website to Pinterest

It’s also important to set up things below in advance so that readers can easily save images from your website.

  • Set the display of the Pinterest save button
  • Provide a Pinterest share button and pin images on your website
  • Embed a Pinterest board or pin on your website
  • Link your Pinterest account to your profile
  • Set blog covers to be automatically saved to specified Pinterest boards

If you prepare to have your readers save your pins, the pins may spread in the meantime. Pinterest may be the source of new readers!

Pages with many images saved directly by the user are more likely to inflow from Pinterest.

If you haven’t done anything yet, let’s set it up right now.

Reduce the number of pins posted from the scheduler

According to Pinterest Best Practices FAQ, pinning significantly higher than over 50 can be risky and also end up hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest.

Therefore, I reduced the number of pins reserved for posting to the scheduler to about 20 to 30 per day(Previously around 50 pins a day)

About one week later, the number of repins gradually started to increase, and the number of viewers began to increase steadily around 10,000 people every day!

Until now, I thought it would be better to post as many pins as possible every day, so it took courage to reduce the number. But it was the right answer.

Once you’ve reduced the number of pins you post, use your free time to design higher quality pins and enhance your website’s content.

Make more fresh pins linked to your domain

A “fresh pin” is a pin that uses an image that has never been pinned to Pinterest. This includes images for new blog posts, new pages, new product listings, and new images for existing posts, products, and pages. Note that adding a different title or description to the existing image is not considered a fresh pin.

Fresh content works on Pinterest! Users respond to new Pins and the algorithm loves them, so get ahead of the rest by adapting to these changes now.

Once you create a business account, be sure to actively make pins from your website. It seems that my site’s pins can be about 80% of the total account (source here).

It’s time-consuming to make original pins, but I make pins with different designs at once for one URL so that we can design pins even a little more efficiently.

My favorite tool for Pinterest is Tailwind. Tailwind helps me save time by batch scheduling those pins. You cannot miss SmartGuide, one of my favorite features, which monitors your Pinning and alerts you if what you’re doing might reduce your overall reach or put your account at unnecessary risk.

Save the same pin on multiple boards

Ten practical tips to reach 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest with under 1,500 followers
Did you find this post useful? Save THIS PIN above for later to your Pinterest board!

It’s a waste to save the pins you’ve made on only one board! Once you make a pin, save it on multiple boards.

Even with the same pin, the number of impressions depends on the destination board. Save as many pins as possible for the board associated with the pin.

According to the Pinterest Best Practices FAQ, you can save the same pins up to 10 boards. It may be suspicious to save 10 pins at the same time, so please save them at intervals of several days.

If your pin is re-pinned by someone, it’s also effective to re-pin it to your board.

Use Analytics

If you have lots of pins now, let’s check out Analytics.

  • Pins with the highest number of clicks and saves from registered domains
  • Impressions by day of the week
  • Clicks and saves by a device (mobile, desktop, tablet)

Let’s analyze your account in different ways. You can also narrow down the search for a specific period.

In my case, I search for new pins that have a relatively large number of clicks and save compared to other pins and repin new ones.

If you’re trying to get readers from Pinterest to your site, it’s important that your links are user-friendly.

“I thought it looked good, but I’m not satisfied with the contents.” The link to pins that have become popular on Pinterest is where you want to quickly check if there are any problems.

If the bounce rate is high even though the inflow from Pinterest has increased, assume one of the following.

  • The pin and the content of the article are not engaged → Recreate a new pin or correct the content of the article
  • Unsatisfied with the content of the article → Add information that the user is likely to be satisfied with the article

Many Pinterest users are not rushing to search for specific information, but rather “looking for good information in their spare time” (those who are in a hurry are sure to google).

So once first-time readers come to your website via Pinterest and they really like the contents, it’s highly likely that they will see related posts.

Introduce the Pinterest account on social networks

Introduce your Pinterest account on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and write the account URL on your profile.

If you actively introduce your Pinterest account on Instagram or Twitter, which brings more users than Pinterest.

In my case, I tweet every time I write an article about Pinterest and show my account’s URL in the profile field of social network accounts.

After I continued with trial and error, the number of monthly viewers reached 1 million people


This is the 2nd time for me to reach 1 million monthly viewers. I want to talk about how I did it 1st and 2nd time because this time I am on a different page from last time.

The first million viewers scored due to a small number of pins that suddenly spread out

The first time when my Pinterest account reached 1 million (February 2019), the popularity of a few pins suddenly ignited and it grew to about 600,000 viewers in a month. Thanks to the pins, the number of monthly viewers exceeded 1 million.

Every day, tens of thousands of people increased at a tremendous rate. However, once the popularity of the pins subsided, the number of viewers also declined rapidly, because no pin had ever been able to replace the few hard-working pins.

At this time, Pinterest hadn’t contributed much to my blog access yet, so blog access never increased or decreased. But it was at this time that I realized that without a follower (it should have been about 500 people), a Pinterest account was able to grow so much.

When the second time reached 1 million, the power of each pin increased.

When my Pinterest account‘s viewers suddenly dropped after exceeding 1 million, I was struck by the feeling that you had suddenly lost what you were holding until then. I began to think “I want my Pinterest account to exceed 1 million again.”

In addition to pinning every day, of course, I read blogs and sites about Pinterest marketing tips and try new methods from them. Analyzed common things among popular pins on the analytics screen and took advantage of them next time I make new pins.

Whereas the number of ultra-strong pins declined and do not occupy the majority of the number of monthly viewers, each pin is now more attractive to viewers than before.

As a result, the number of monthly viewers increases much slower than the first time. But I am not worried. If some pins are no longer popular, fresh pins will work instead.

Conclusion: Keep pinning and create a new source of inflow to your website

Pinterest doesn’t have much immediate effect, unlike social networks like Instagram and Twitter. The effect will not be expected unless you continue pinning every day.

Pins that haven’t been successful for more than six months often suddenly become popular. If you stop using Pinterest just because there is no inflow, it is really wasteful.

It takes time for your Pinterest account to grow. Please continue from a long-term perspective while looking for a reasonable and fun way to continue.